萧慧敏 Hui Mei

马来西亚Astro电视台的当家主持。主持经验横跨正经八百的新闻主播、选秀比赛,甚至旅游行脚等多元节目。能言善辩的她,同时活跃于国内的影视圈演出,是集知性与感性于一身的才女主持。萧慧敏,自2010年开始,全力接棒大马最受瞩目的《Astro 新秀大赛》节目主持,见证多位乐坛选秀新星的诞生。其他主持节目包括时事节目《八点最热报》、旅游知性节目《换乐北欧360》等。

Hui Mei is a host from Malaysian TV channel, Astro. Her hosting experience varies from news reporting and talent competitions to tourism and travel programmes.

The eloquent Hui Mei is also active in the television scene and is known for being an intellectual and passionate host. Since 2010, Hui Mei has been the host for the popular Malaysian talent competition, "Astro Star Quest", witnessing the birth of many talented music stars. Her other hosting experiences include news show, “PrimeTalk”, and travel infotainment programme, “Scandinavia 360”, amongst other shows.


黄文鸿 Wenhong (UFM100.3 DJ)

新加坡著名资深电台广播员,多次蝉联新加坡最佳电台男DJ奖, 是DJ一哥。曾驻守多个早晨高峰时段的电台节目,黄文鸿是广播界的收听保证。其深厚的主持功力早已不容置疑,而探讨课题的能力更是多元,包括时事与娱乐。他自2001年起开始效力新加坡报业控股华文媒体集团属下的中文电台UFM100.3,致力培训新生代广播新秀,同时也开始跨足电视主持。藉此,他曾多次领衔主持多项大型颁奖礼,其中包括星和无线电视大奖星光大道。时隔多年再次主持电视节目,文鸿“重出江湖”,为《The Voice 决战好声》接下电视主持任务。

Wenhong is a well-known radio DJ personality in Singapore with 20 years of radio experience, focusing on news, current affairs and entertainment programmes. Anchoring the Morning show on UFM100.3, a Mandarin radio station under Singapore Press Holdings (SPH), Wenhong also acts as a Senior Creative Consultant for the station and contributes in the creative planning as well as training and nurturing of new talents.

His distinct persona on radio, earned him the credits of being the “Best Male Radio DJ “ for consecutive 4 years in OMY Radio Awards and Singapore Entertainment Awards. More frequently seen on TV when SPH extended their TV endeavours, Wenhong was the chosen one for many current-affairs programme. In later years, he has also developed a long-term working relationship with StarHub TV and several grand award ceremonies, which includes StarHub TVB Awards.


陈建宏 William

马来西亚新晋全方位歌手,为《Astro 新秀大赛 2016》季军得主。除演唱实力不容置疑,陈建宏同时也擅长beatbox及演奏多种乐器包括吉他、钢琴、鼓及小提琴。唱作俱佳,其作品曾被收录于Super Junior及多位马来西亚歌手专辑当中,其他网络作品更是频获佳评与转载。陈建宏目前积极朝向多栖发展,近期更开始涉足主持与影视事业,演艺生涯备受期待。

An up-and-coming Malaysian singer who was second runner-up at the 2016 Astro Star Quest, WIlliam can beatbox and play a variety of musical instruments, such as the guitar, the piano, the drums, and the violin. His compositions were also included in Super Junior as well as many Malaysian artistes’ albums.

His web series were also well-received and went viral. William is venturing into new areas of his professional career, trying his hand at hosting as well as in film and television, creating great anticipation for his future in the industry.


刘伟龙 Weilong (UFM100.3 DJ)


Formerly an air steward, Weilong joined UFM100.3, a Mandarin radio station under Singapore Press Holdings (SPH) in 2015 and has been identified as one of the rising stars of the station. He is also the newest edition of UFM100.3’s Morning Show team. Being effectively bilingual has opened more doors for Weilong as he has been actively involved in various types of event hosting, proving his talent as an all-rounder host. With his toned body physique, Weilong was also invited to several fashion and sports photo shoots, adding more gloss to his already-impressive resume.